Hello World !

I tried to think of a nicer name for my first post, but somehow the pseud-comp-science engineer inside of me won the day. Here we are then. 

On the persistent request of my esteemed friend SP, I have renounced, relinquished and laid down my previous existence in the blogosphere, only to take up what (I hope) shall be a more interesting one. The previous avatar of this blog was located at a rather doddering blogging portal and you can still find it here in all its maudlin, poetry-drenched glory :  http://rothinzil.livejournal.com/

However if you have, like me, discovered the importance of being not-so-earnest, I advise you to join me on my Clean Break with bad poetry, “randomness” (this word has to be mentioned at least once in a blog’s life, otherwise the blog is clearly un-Indian and deserves to be condemned –  along with chowmein, jeans and other such horrors — by wise men from a pulpit) and the slightly soiled remnants of yesterday’s teenage angst. I abjure utterly my past writings !

HAHA I am just joking. All the content is going to be continued from my previous blog, I’m not magically changing my writing style, and no, I haven’t had a WordPress Revelation moment. Same wine in a new and more jazzy bottle. 


Eppur si muove.

— Galileo Galilei





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  1. Welcome! Isn’t it nice in here?

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