Exchange Reading List

<exchange> and <reading list> : most people would raise an eyebrow if these were yoked together


1. A History of the World, Andrew Marr: Read it on an endless journey with not-so-wonderful company. The book is so-so in terms of writing (rather bad editing, in my opinion – meriting the “somebody take this editor out to the back and sentence him” kind of humour). While it’s difficult to do justice to the history of the entire blessed world, Marr does bring out some really obscure facts (for example, that the Western Europeans veered off on the Fourth Crusade and sacked the Christian city of Constantinople ; that Queen Elizabeth and Francois I were on friendly terms with Suleiman the Magnificent, the ruler of the Ottoman Empire). A decent read if you’re bored and want to brush up facts – or learn new ones for, say, your quizzing obsession. 🙂


  • An anthology of short stories – The Signalman by Dickens and The Country of the Blind by Wells are the ones I remember, but the others were remarkable too. Sorry, can’t remember all the names – Joyce’s The Dead was probably one.
  • Save Me the Waltz – Zelda Fitzgerald. I seem to gravitate towards these Pre-Women’s liberation American novels with a common theme. This one is a thinly disguised autobiography of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s wife. Poetic and leaves one with a sense of incompleteness. But atleast you feel more sympathetic towards this woman than towards Daisy, Madam Buchanan…
  • Haroun and the Sea of Stories – A children’s book, perhaps, but with some nice wordplay and skilled writing.
  • Glengarry Glen Ross – Sorry, did not get this at all. Did. Not. Get. It. Clearly this was not a play that was meant to be read.
  • Harold and Maude– Creepy. Very. And depressing. Also very.
  • The Pavilion of Women I already reviewed.
  • Jane Eyre and Agnes Grey – I don’t know why we clump the Bronte sisters together. It’s surprising how different these books are – Jane Eyre is a fairytale romance (though not unsubtle in its psychological analysis) and Agnes Grey is more of a middle-class English family-girl-meets-middle-class-English-family-boy-who-is-studying-to-be-a-solid-country-priest romance. Somewhat like DDLJ versus Do Dooni Char. 
  • Vanity Fair I wrote about earlier.

That’s all folks ! 🙂


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