The sea is a distant, low murmur. She walks towards the sound. It soothes her, like a meaningless lullaby. The moon sets and a cold wind rises and tears at her body. She walks on.

Legend has it that the waters around the white cliffs are fatal to those who come bearing evil in their hearts. I come bearing the worst evil of all, she thinks. Take me to your depths if you can.




He said, “I’ll take care of you. You can depend on me. I will never let you down.”

She looked up at him. His eyes were very sincere.

She said Yes.



From this elevation the sea is nearly black. Tiny waves crash onto the pebbled beach far below her. She sits on the cliff-edge, the wind whipping her hair wildly around her face and freezing her exposed hands. She sits and lets her mind wander where it will.

An intrepid seagull has decided to investigate her. The tourists feed these birds more than needed. A lovely white creature. She wonders what seagulls ate before there were tourists here and her subsequent thoughts are fairly morbid.

Unnoticed, in the East, the sky grows lighter. But her eyes are still cast downwards at the sea. If anyone could see her from a distance, she would look like a tiny seated statue – first of stone and then, as the sun rose higher, of gold.

All too suddenly there are a thousand sparkles on the water. She opens her eyes very wide and breathes. The air is cold yet, but bitter no longer.

Sitting there, she feels the burden of lead that she has been carrying turn slowly into something bright and silvery, until she surprises herself by laughing with pure happiness. The seagull takes to his wings in fright. But the ocean sings with her.

The beach is no more empty when she walks lightly down the cliff-path, but she fears interruption no longer. Out of her pocket comes the letter that she wrote hastily last night. She tears it up and hurls the pieces into the water. The seagulls are slightly disappointed because paper is hardly food..

She turns, and walks back towards the town, humming a little tune under the golden sky.



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