Once upon a time, there was a principled MP who chose not to be a demagogue: writing rationally and speaking measuredly instead, in favour of a cause he believed to be just. He was not swayed from his principles by political considerations and did not make illiberal statements just to be assured of his popularity. Nevertheless, he had a decently large following (because people actually read his books and understood his ideas) and when he came to power, he encouraged the best people instead of the worst. After his term of office was over he went back home and took care of his garden and his library. The End.

Once, there was an extremely plain but witty girl student who (inevitably) fell for the handsome boy in her class, even though they had nothing in common, and to her surprise she managed to attract his attention without going for a makeover and losing her granny glasses. He proved to be a terrifically smart and hardworking chap, and they married and did not need a divorce after ten, twenty or even fifty years. The End.

 Also, once upon a time, there was a beautiful young woman who was intelligent and resourceful in her working life and did not shy away from the hardest assignments.  All of her peers and seniors attributed her success solely to her academic and professional excellence. She also had a best friend to whom she was devoted. Who was a girl too. The End.


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