That itty bitty money-plant you see cost little  enough

When I moved into this office. Its leaves were then rough

Little green triangles, flecked with bits of white

As I left it in the balcony to catch the morning light.


My money-plant tried really hard to grow – yet it seemed stuck

In awe of other, older plants. I thought it’d bring me luck –

But that year came the drought, the rupee crashed and soon the street

Below my house was filled with angry shouts and marching feet.


The government fell. My money-plant was quite a sorry sight,

Though daily someone watered it and sometimes every night.

Tomorrow is oath-taking and it really is sinister

How money-plants can cause such pain to ex-Finance Ministers.



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2 responses to “Moneyplant

  1. Siddhartha Bhasker

    Has this poem been written for Man Mohan Singh and India’s sluggish GDP growth rate?

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