The Call

I live under a rock, so I discovered Regina Spektor accidentally while searching for an extremely beautiful Hebrew song called Halikha LeKesariya (“A Walk to Caesarea”). Which in turn I got to know because of a question in a great quiz I attended recently. I think I basically attend quizzes in order to get to know about good music and literature, because asking other people in a normal way is so mainstream (tongue, meet cheek).


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  1. Regina Spektor is really, really good. Discovered her on the soundtrack of (500) Days of Summer, a life-changing romcom (like every romcom).
    Funny how the narrator’s refrain through the opening of the movie is “Boy meets Girl”. Read the last bit imagining the same voice saying “Tongue meets Cheek”. šŸ˜€

    P.S. – Yup, commenting more than a year later only.

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