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Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo

“This is the man. This is the man who meant

To overthrow  the kingdom. You who watch,

Do you not know this traitor here who claims

To be the Emperor of Earth and Heaven ?”


 — I am a humble fisherman, my Lord.

I do not know this man. I thrice deny

By all that I hold sacred, that I knew,

Or heard, or helped by word or deed,

This man.


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Poems Written on Public Transport


One looked and saw the immanent Divine

    Within each particle, each act and thought.

Each moment golden seemed- each feeling, fine –

    The words of sages seemed in daylight caught.


A leaden sky shone silver; dusty fields

    Became a far and verdant Paradise;

Faces unlovely, wracked with fear and pain,

    Appeared God-touched and bright to mortal eyes.


Thus mid a harsh discordant urban throng

    A modest calm crept slowly in. At bay

It held the massive mind. A purer song

   Began within the noise of common day –


And all grew steadily more fair, until

Some evil thing advanced its stubborn will.



I turned from introspection and the fair

    View of a sweeter world to slowly see

The ordinary round, its mundane cares

    And wondered at the change it wrought in me.


Where there was laughter now are lines of pain

    (And yet I know I’m not unfortunate)

Where brightness was, shadow now sits and stains

    With bitterness each thing my hands create.


For still this is the iron rule of Time–

    That hearts grow weak – that wisdom speaks in vain –

Beauty immortal only is in rhyme –

    Fortresses mighty fail and fail again.


Yet still within this howling storm we see

Something whose breath is immortality.


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